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RYMUN 2K16 mission is to promote and foster collaborative solution-oriented discussion to important issues by instilling life-long passion for improving our global community into today's youth, who will be tomorrow's leaders.
Attendants of RYMUN 2K16 aim to seek, through discussion, negotiation and debate, solutions to the various problems of the world: e.g. questions of human rights, protection of the environment, economic development, disarmament, the problems of youth and of refugees, as well as the more critical issues of war and peace. The young delegates, in seeking solutions to these problems, can learn to break away from narrow, national self-interest and develop true international cooperation and a true spirit of globalization.

Walid Mushtaq

It is my distinct honor and pleasure to Welcome you all to the 6th Annual Roots Youth Model United Nations 2014! RYMUN has always tasked itself with restricting the spirit of diplomacy and discourse that originally defined the United Nations. Form the very beginning RYMUN has exemplified what I believe to be the true spirit of the United Nations: substantive brilliance, innovation, and a commitment to the delegate experience, both inside and out of the committee room. Looking back at the final resolutions from the past 5 years,

Ali Aamir

Welcome, one and all, to this year's Roots Youth Model United Nations promising to be another masterpiece by the incredibly talented and brilliant students of RIUC, it's an event you would not want to miss. Roots Youth Model United Nations is one of the most prestigious conferences held in Islamabad. Dating its origin far back to 2010, the 6th session of this conference brings a plethora of experience and is a window of opportunities for MUNers to venture. Roots Youth Model United Nations is a prestigious, non- profit union headed by the student body at Roots international university college, anticipating the highest quality of debate, endowing the participants with an insight on the workings of the United Nations (UN) and providing a chance to forge life-long... Read More

Farhan Bin Amjad

I remember just a few weeks ago I was relaxing in BMI, getting ready for the parhai mode ever so essential for A levels. In a twisted turn of events I decided to do IB from Roots. Haha I could never imagine myself wearing a Roots uniform. It was a tough choice, something me my close friends; Umer and Taha, kept lingering on, but it finally concluded with a pact. That we were going to own Roots and make it our new home. 3 weeks ago no one knew us, but now we've made our mark. I am Farhan Amjad. The Secretary General Read More

Muhammad Waleed

I've never been much of a debater, and yet, MUNing has always been my bread and butter. I've always enjoyed organising MUN's, it has helped me grow as a planner, and more significantly, a manager. I've worked with several different institutions in the Capital, from schools to universities, and also privately held conferences. My last conference was almost 2 years ago, so you can say I'm coming out of retirement for this conference. I believe I am pretty well-versed in handling the responsibility assigned to me and I would most definitely incorporate my experience to it's maximum potential. I have a good team, good dedicated people who have been and will be working towards one and only fruition, and that is to give the delegates the best MUN experience, substantial debates, and out of this world socials. All in all this conference would be a complete package for all, regardless of what initially their intention might be for coming to this conference. Read More